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Ukraine in Conflict

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Four Years On

February 20, 2014 was the day Kiev - Ukraine's capital - experienced its worst day of violence in almost 70 years. At least 88 people are killed in 48 hours.

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Four years on, fighting between Russian backed rebels and the Ukrainian army has killed more than 10,000, wounded 23,000, and displaced 1.8 million people. Ukraine has lost 7.2% of its territory and 4,097 km of their border is out of Ukrainian control, being used by Russia to provide military support for the rebels. Millions of Ukrainians in the east of the country are living in fear.

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As ever in times of conflict, it's the most vulnerable people who suffer most - children, the elderly and the poor. The elderly make up almost 30% of people in need and are the most vulnerable group of all; 43% of older people in the conflict zone are suffering from severe psychological distress. Many children are showing signs of PTSD; over 12,000 children experience shelling at least once a month.

Millions of Ukrainians living in the east of the country are currently living in fear, in what is often a forgotten conflict. The daily violence and intensifying deprivation continues to take its toll on ordinary families.

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Until the conflict ceases, millions more Ukrainians are at risk of violence, hunger and illness.


What is Mission Without Borders doing?

While MWB focuses its work in Western Ukraine, the conflict in the east has provided the opportunity for our team there to send urgent aid to the conflict zones and to develop partnerships with the local churches who are playing a key role on the front lines.

Donors have also responded strongly to the call to help and since fighting broke out in 2014, MWB has sent to the conflict zones:

  • 4,000 Operation Christmas Love parcels - filled with food items and other essentials - food insecurity has doubled since 2016;
  • 3,000 litres of bottled water - there are frequent water shortages in the conflict zone as water pipelines and water filter stations are damaged repeatedly by shelling;
  • 20 tons of roofing materials and three tons of furniture - over 40,000 homes have been damaged in the conflict;
  • 50 mattresses and 20 beds;
  • 3 tons of hygiene items such as washing powder - 600,000 pensioners have been deprived of access to their pensions and consumer prices have seen a rapid increase;

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We are calling on the people of Canada to not forget about the ongoing situation in the east of Ukraine! The people of Ukraine, not only in the east, but across the country need support now more than ever. After four years of conflict, the coping capacities of civilians are depleted as savings run out, jobs are lost, pensions cut off, and prices continue to rise.

* If more funds are raised than required for our current program in Ukraine, your donation will go where it is most needed to help some of the poorest people in eastern Europe.